Tatton Dale Farm characters: modern miller, land agent, farm manager, student, and miller

Tatton Dale Farm characters: land girl, teamsman and his horse, boy and dog

Three technologies used on the farm in the past 100 years; tractor, traction engine and a teamsman with horse and plough.

The weighbridge cut-away showing its underground mechanism and scales inside the building.

Breakfast in the bothy during WWII, showing black-out curtains and a Women's Land Army poster.

The farm mill on the left with its steam engine driven belt system, which worked the hoist, grinding stones and thresher, all mainly for the production of grain. The later mill on the right had a belt system driven by several electric motors, which worked the hammer mill, cyclone, mixing drum, and cutting and chopping machines, all supplying various mixtures for animal feed.

The drive system is in red and the route of the produce is in blue.

The mill in the 1950s with the new machinery high-lighted in colour all driven by an electrically driven belt system.

The old watermill reconstructed                                                                   A cut-way diagram of a winnowing machine

Four ages of Tatton Dale Farm seen from the air, showing Tatton Mansion in the left distance.

1ยงยง11111 The farm through the seasons and at different periods. Used as a 360 degree panorama interactive.

The 19th century slaughter house