A painting of the House of Lord's offices in Great College Street, London. Commissioned by the House of Lords.

Part of nationwide commission by the House of Lords asking artists to portray an aspect of their local town in the style of the thirties railway posters. This is the view of Cliffe Bridge and site of the town wharf (steps surviving near the bridge) on the River Ouse at Lewes, Sussex.

To commemorate the return of William I to Pevensey, and his embarkation for Normandy in 1067, this painting was commissioned by The Court House Museum Pevensey and hangs in their display. The people in the scene are identifiable and are named on a key that accompanies the painting in the museum.

The King's Great Matter: Painted for a Millennium exhibition as part of a set done by other local artists, each depicting one of the centuries since the 1AD. This painting depicts the 16thC and attempts to show the controversy that arose over Henry the VIII's decision to marry then divorce Katherine of Aragon, his brother's widow, and his religious dilemma over the biblical text in Leviticus. It also attempted to show some of the consequences of the fateful decision to marry Anne Boleyn and set the Reformation of the church into full swing. A decision that has effected English history to this day.