Hand painted facsimile of the tithe map for part of the Firle Park estate Sussex - incorporating the schedule data on the map instead of separately. Commissioned by Lord and Lady Gage as part of a Millennium village celebration of Firle, Sussex.

Lake District trail map for the Monk Coniston estate, Cumbria, showing walks and tracks to aid visitor orientation.

A car park map for two villages in Sussex. Showing buildings and features of note along with box text information. (folds to 1/3 A4.

One side of an A1 poster magazine commissioned by Greenpeace to celebrate the voyages of the first Rainbow Warrior vessel and to announce its replacement after the bombing in Aukland harbour. (folds to A4)

St Mary in the Market Parish and St Mary's Lane (now Station Street) Lewes. Showing the parish boundary and the buildings that were there in 1790. Used as a wall panel for visitor information in the street as well as a folded A5 brochure.

Burgess Hill Town Map (folds to 1/3 A4)

Lewes Town Map, (folds to 1/3 A4)

Lewes Town car park map with grid reference and gazetteer (size AI for external display)

Storrington visitor car park map

Prehistoric artifacts on the map of East Sussex, showing where found. designed for 1.2M panel at Newhaven Fort, Sussex.

Side 1 (Town) and side 2 (countryside), of the Cycle Lewes map. Size A2 folding down to 1/3 A4

Lewes footpath map with connections to walks outside the town

Lewes countryside footpath map

Lewes Car Free walks map with routes, timings, distances and places of interest featured on reverse. (A2 folds to 1/3 A4)

The Cuckmere Pilgrim Path map with a circular walk, centred on Berwick Church, around seven churches in Sussex within the beautiful landscape  and scenery of the South Downs and Lower Weald. (A2 folds to 1/3 A4)

Roman roads in Britain with a detail of the Somerset region near Villa Ventus